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Our experienced team provides you with afordable solutions and help with logistics and other essential services.

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First of all, I would tell that I had not thought about going overseas for education, but after consulting Clear Vision consultancy, I myself with the thought, that I can do & survive in the overseas environment for studying and starting my career. So, from start to end i.e. from the process of the letter of offer to the Visa process I was helped and motivated by the counselors at the ClearVision For the loan process, the Clearvision team helped me a lot. The best part about the journey was the Visa process it was very smooth, and I got the Visa in 10-15 days. Overall, it was a wonderful experience with Clear Vision consultancy.

Aman says

I got my student administration later from college and visa in the next 10 days and a Scholarship of Rs.10 lakh (approx.) for my MBBS(MD) degree program. I am very happy with the accommodation assistance provided by the Clear Vision consultant. Thanks to Clear Vision consultancy. I recommend it to my friends and relatives who looking for abroad education.

Rita says

I would like to take a moment to appreciate your efforts in helping me in my dream of studying abroad. You and your team had done a great job all through the journey. Right from the offer till getting the visa done you have helped and guided me. I would also want to thank you for the services. All the best.

Harshwardha Says

Clear vision helped me a lot in getting what I dreamed of. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank the Clear Vision team for take the correct decision for my bright career.

Harshmeet says
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We are devoted to providing professional counselling and the best guidance to choose the leading universities around the globe for the medical education of aspiring students at afordable fees.


Our mission is to guide students in every aspect andcircumstance round the clock via every available possibility of communicationsfor their best future path and built their carrier accordingly.

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Frequently asked questions
We are here for you to answer your every question. If you still have some questions in mind get in touch with us, we would love to connect with you 😊 😊
Can I practice in India on my return, after MBBS/MD degreefrom abroad?

YES, As per the current rules of the National MedicalCommission (NMC), you can practice in India. After graduating from abroad, youhave to appear for a "Screening test" conducted by the NationalMedical Commission (NMC), New Delhi. On clearing this test you need to registerwith the MCI and comply with all the rules and then you will get a Registrationwhich will allow you to practice Medicine in India.

Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or applied toMedical Institutions in India?

YES. After registering with MCI, the Doctor can apply forGovernment & Private jobs or do his/her own practice, as the person is nowrecognized by the Indian Authorities as a Qualified Doctor.

Are there any Indian students already studying in these colleges?

500-1200 Indian students are studying in each college listedon the website. There are many Indian Boys and girls from India.

How many times can I appear on the Screening Test?

There is NO LIMIT on the number of Attempts in the ScreeningTest. A sincere student will pass the Screening Test on the first attempt. Itis a QUALIFYING test similar to the class 12 test. It is NOT an ELIMINATION test such as PMT. Note: The screening test will likely be administered to ALLstudents from India, studying in private and government Colleges in India, inaddition to students from overseas, to Create a uniform MBBS educationcompetency standard in India.

Can I get Bank Loan and to What Extent?

As per RBI regulation Students pursuing education abroad canobtain a loan up to Rs. 15 Lacs. Visit the local branch of a nationalized bankto find terms. Amount sanctioned depends on income proof of parents i.e. LastThree years Income Tax Returns or Salary Certificate. You will have to satisfythe criteria that the Bank will apply. Visit the local Branches of NationalizedBanks in your area to find out more.

Are there any special provisions for International studentsto solve their personal problems or queries?

Every university has an International Students Departmentwhere a student could address their problems directly

Can I do a Master's or Post Graduation there?

YES, After completion of MBBS degree from India/Abroad orany recognized Institute, you can pursue PG, studies abroad. The QUALITY ofEducation abroad is very high- as the Institutes teaches not only at theBachelors - but also the Masters and Ph.D. level.

Is the Bachelor's Degree recognized in India and abroad?

YES, The Bachelor's Degree is recognized in India and inmore than 180 countries around the World. Graduates can practice in thefollowing countries after completing formalities as needed by each country:
1.India: After clearing a Screening Test conducted by the National Council ofEducation. The last is held twice a year (last Saturday/Sunday of September andlast Saturday/Sunday of March)
2. United Kingdom: After passing the PLABexamination.
3. United States of America: After clearing the USMLE.
4. EuropeanUnion (EU): The degree is recognized by the European Union. Note: In additionto Professional Qualifications, the applicant will have to comply with allother immigration rules of the host country-such as visa, work, permits,medical fitness, language, etc.

Are there any local bodies who can help me in providing theoverall info?

We have representatives in various cities, Please send yourquery to us and we shall send it to our local representative office and theywould be getting in touch with you.

What do I need to bring with me from home?

You can buy almost any product and brand that you would findat home. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste are all readily available. We recommend thatyou bring any prescription medication in sufficient quantities to last for theduration of your visit and any preferred brands of over-the-counter medications(cold & flu tablets, etc.) Clothing is also plentiful and very inexpensive.Shoes are available, but larger sizes are hard to find.

Are Foreign Medical Colleges listed in the World HealthOrganization (WHO) Directory?

YES. All colleges are listed in the WHO Directory of MedicalInstitutions. WHO publishes a list of Medical Colleges given by variouscountries. NOTE: WHO does NOT rank Medical Universities. What WHO does issimply publish the list of Medical Institutes given to it by each Government

What kind of Food will get in Foreign countries?

Students can cook their own food - kitchen facilities areavailable. b. Indian Canteens and restaurants are available in the city andnear the University's premises c. The establishment of a Dedicated low-costcanteen serving Indian Food for International students in the Hostel premisesis under consideration by the University d. All food items such as rice, dal,potatoes, tomatoes, flour, pizzas, fruits, spices, tea, milk, butter, etc areavailable for sale in the markets and bazaars.

How does one apply for a Passport and what documents would Ineed?

You need to either apply for your Passport online or applyoffline. The passport application process is moving online. Visitwww.passportindia.gov.in . The website contains the name, addresses, and phonenumbers of passport offices all over India. You can submit your applicationonline or via speed post or via a form. In some cases, the applications arebeing received online only. We recommend that you apply for your passportIMMEDIATELY. Fill out the form on the net and you get an appointment date.Visit the passport Office and show your documents - they keep the photocopiesand return the originals. Normally takes SIX to EIGHT weeks to receive a NEWPassport. The following documents are needed for the application of yourpassport 1. Your birth certificate 2. Proof of residence & proof ofIdentity 3. Certificate of educational qualifications

The Prescribed fee by the Passport office?

Visit the following websites for passport application andcurrent information: http://passport.nic.in , http://passport.gov.in ,http://passportindia.gov.in

Can my Parent Visit me at University abroad? Can I travel inmy Holidays or stay back abroad?

Parents/friends/relatives of students can visit, invitationscan be issued from that country to facilitate visa processing in New Delhi. b.There are two holidays in a year, 15 days in January and 2 months in summer(July and August). During holidays-students have the option of staying backthere or traveling in Europe or coming back to India to spend time with theirfamily.

What are the facilities in the Hostel?

Washing machine b. Hot water c. Free electric stoves forcooking d. Change of bed sheets every 2-3 weeks for free e. Free Electricity f.Security guard g. Hostel Warden h. High-Speed Internet with 10 Mbps speed Costapprox Rs. 600 a month

What do I need to bring with me from home?

You can buy almost any product and brand that you would findat home. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste are all readily available. We recommend thatyou bring any prescription medication in sufficient quantities to last for theduration of your visit and any preferred brands of over-the-counter medications(cold & flu tablets, etc.) Clothing is also plentiful and very inexpensive.Shoes are available, but larger sizes are hard to find.

Is vegetarian Food available?

Yes, vegetarian food is available. If needed, purevegetarians can cook their own food so that they are happy about what they eat.

Hostel facility?

On-campus accommodation for international students isavailable on campus. Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, with single, double,or triple beds. Both Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms areavailable as per the choice of accommodation. Students can also choose to stayoutside in their own accommodations.

How a student is going to pay tuition fees and other fees?

The fee can be paid directly to the university by banktransfer for the first year and after that, they can carry in form of USD orTravelers Cheque or Euros and pay it to the university.

Can I do my internship in My country?

Yes, but it also depends on the university applied for andalso the medical board of the country where the students want to do theinternships.

What are the benefits given to students joining through yourcompany?

1. We are authorized by the Universities 2. We have over adecade of experience in dealing with students 3. We have plenty of informationand tips of value to students and parents for the course4. We provide networking with doctors in USA & UK for those wanting to go overseas for jobs.